ProstoPay – IoT vending solution
to provide:

  • Cashless payments

    (including banking cards)

  • ONLINE statistics

    from vending machine

  • Information about problems

    in vending machine ONLINE

ProstoPay App

for cashless payments in vending

Payment security is provided by Masterpass by Mastercard

Payment security is provided by Masterpass by Mastercard

ProstoPay Device

easy-to-install equipment
ProstoPay Device

ProstoPay Device:

  • Let your clients use banking cards to pay via ProstoPay Application.
  • Let your clients pay with RFID cards (NFC and other). RFID cards could be topped up at vending machine. There is no need for coins used as a change.
  • Let you monitor vending machine status for 24/7: you’ll definitely know about power outages, GSM connection loss, payment systems failures, cup jamming, door status etc.
  • Let you remotely control your vending machines.
  • Let you receive sales and stock statistics in real time.
  • Let you create and analyze reports to have full-blown understanding of your vending machines network.
  • Let you optimize management and maintenance costs.


Ivan Makushenko
Ivan Makushenko

Dmytro Pryymak
Dmytro Pryymak

Business Development Director

ProstoPay is designed and assembled in Ukraine.

Can’t wait to see you all!

13H Kyrylivska Str.

Kyiv, Ukraine